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EasyAcc Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Wallet Flip Case [Review]

Le 21/09/2015

The EasyAcc Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Wallet Flip Case, a case specifically made for the Samsung Galaxy S6 that offers quite a bit for being just a case. The case of course helps to protect your device, but it also has some nice design features that makes using this case beneficial and appealing to use.


The case is very lightweight and feels very comfortable to hold. The exterior of the case is made of PU leather while the interior of the case is made of colorfast microfiber. This combination of materials that has been used to design and create this case is what allows this case to feel strong, durable, and stylish. The part of the case that secures your phone in place (shell) is just as strong and durable as the exterior of the case as it is made of polycarbonate which is a very strong material. Now, what makes this case stand out among other cases out there is its design features. For example, the case has card slots for you to store and keep your most frequently used cards on hand and readily available in your case. This is nice as you can easily pull out the case with your phone and when in need of a card, you can simply pull any card out and use it. Another great design feature of this case is that it can be transformed or converted into a stand. So, when you want to watch videos or movies, you can reposition the case to your liking in order to be able to watch your videos or movies enjoyably and conveniently. Last, but not least, the case has a magnetic closure which basically means that opening and closing the case will be easy to perform, but also that the case will remain close as sometimes cases may open on their own at times due to them being shuffled around in your bag or case. This is important as your phone may or can be damaged due to the case being opened and exposing your phone. Also, the magnetic closure helps to decrease the chances of your cards slipping out which is just as important.

Durability & Protection:

The case as already mentioned, is made of a combination of different materials (exterior and interior). The PU leather that has been used to create the exterior of the case is great as it provides some protection for the phone, but also for the case itself. For example, thanks to the PU leather design, there will be no scratches as well as dirt on the case as it is scratch and dirt resistant. Plus, the polycarbonate shell design adds to the overall protection of the case since this protects the phone from falls or drops, thanks to its sturdy and hard structure and design. Not only that, the corners of the shell help cover the phone, thus helping to improve impact and damage resistance and absorption. Overall, the case does an excellent job protecting the phone as it was intended and claimed to do.


The EasyAcc Samsung Galaxy S6 Leather Wallet Flip Case is a fantastic case to have and use. Not only does the case help to protect your phone, it provides other features that would make this case a must have or at least a case that would be ideal to use during many everyday situations. The exterior PU leather and interior colorfast microfiber design adds a sense of durability, but also style. The card slots is a nice feature since this may come in handy when you need to use cards and when you need them on hand at all times. Plus, the ability to convert the cover into a stand makes watching videos or movies that much more enjoyable. So, this case is an outstanding case for those seeking a case that not only provides protection, but can also look very stylish and allow you to utilize it for more than just protective reasons or purposes.

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Super Card Reader

Le 25/05/2015

In today's world, all of our data has to be stored on something, and if you are into photography like myself, you probably have a mix of cards lying around. It's becoming more and more critical to transfer that data quickly from one medium to another.
The card reader itself has a nice finish and is very solid, though it is a tad bigger than others, but this is just a minor issue. It comes with a USB 3.0 cable which will work on any computer, Mac or PC, with a USB port (USB 3.0 is backward compatible) and does not require any drivers. It supports these card formats (which will suit 99.9% of people needs): MS, TF,M2, SD, XD, and CF. Though, another minor quibble would be a Micro-SD slot as well, though to be fair, most come with an SD adapter, I just don't always have mine with me.
My test set up was to take a lot of pictures on my Canon 6D in RAW mode with a 64GB Lexar SDXC 90MB/s, where most images are about 25MB apiece. In the end, I had 3.04GB of data spread across 124 files. The test was to check the time it would take to transfer all 124 files from the camera's USB port and then from the EasyAcc USB 3.0 card reader. I chose this setup, because for me, this is the most common use case. Here are the results:
From Camera: 4 minutes 25 seconds
From Card Reader: 0 minutes 50 seconds
I think one of the telling factors here is I believe the Canon 6D is only USB 2.0 compliant which would explain the speed difference. In retrospect, I'm starting to wonder how I ever got by transferring my images over the camera USB and not a card reader such as this, especially since I have had USB 3.0 for a while.
Overall, this is a great little unit and will be an integral part of my photography workflow, especially during weddings when I need to transfer pictures quickly. Recommended.


Nice USB hub

Le 14/05/2015

This USB super Hub does the trick for my Xbox One console!! it gives you the option to connect several storage devices and allow you to copy or move game file between devices at a decent speed. it has a solid build and great base which is weighted to prevent the unit from tipping over. The two charging ports wok well for my iPhone and iPad for charging or for my gaming controller, and leaves the other USB ports on my console free for whatever. Whats not to like about a product that gives you this much flexibility and a 5 year warranty!! Love it and will buy again for my iMac desktop.


Small speaker with big performance

Le 08/05/2015

Portable Bluetooth speaker with excellent sound
Unlike traditional laptop speakers playing music this extremely small boxes is absolutely worth hearing. Although one can not expect miracles but sound to improve the notebook sounds or the trip to the quarry reaches the musical performance of small EasyAcc all. The integrated Bluetooth technology enables signal transmission over a distance of up to 10 meters in lossless quality .
Powerful battery and built-in radio
Since this is a portable solution, of course, must be installed a more powerful battery. The lithium ion battery is charged quickly and supplied the loudspeaker between 4 and 5 hours with enough energy. So is the trip by enjoying music no more obstacles. One can listen to the radio next to the music from MP3 players, mobile phones or tablets. To this end the supplied used USB cable as an antenna .
Speakerphone thanks Bluetooth and microphone
Another special highlight of the small speaker is the built-in speakerphone . For this you just have your phone via Bluetooth link to the box and you can already answer calls. The transmission works smoothly and thanks to an integrated microphone absolutely trouble-free and in good quality. Whether in the car or in the living room, this is an extremely useful additional function.
Our conclusion for EasyAcc P2735
The small speakers of EasyAcc offers a lot for little money and worked in the test perfectly. The battery lasts 4-5 hours and so provides mobile freedom, as one expects from a portable device. In addition to the sound quality and the transmission quality has convinced us on the telephone. At this price an absolute buy recommendation.


Review of the Easyacc for the HTC One M9

Le 29/04/2015

These cases do a great job protecting you phone.
The design of this case is very simple, but effective. The case is a mix of TPU, which feels like stiff silicone and polycarbonate (hard plastic). The TPU is on the edge of case and works like a bumper and protects from dents and dings. While the polycarbonate give impact protection The In the hand the case is flexible but firm enough to help protect you phone from impact damage.
There are cutouts for the headphone jack, charging port, cameras and flash. Also, there are button overlays for the power and volume buttons. Also, there is a kickstand that is perfect for watching movies in landscape mode.
In the hand, the case is very light and does not add any noticeable weight. Once on the phone, the case has a nice tight fit and protects the phone quite nicely. There is also a small raised edge on the front of the case so your phone can be placed faced down without scratching your screen.
Case Material: TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)
Polycarbonate: Hard Durable Plastic